Conserving Energy

The most widely accepted benefits of insulation are energy savings and the resulting cost of savings that can be realized. Energy is often the most costly component in managing a manufacturing facility and its processes. Thus, reducing energy consumption reduces costs.

Energy conservation is a priority with many companies. The rate of return on investment (ROI) is certainly at the top of everyone’s list of objectives, and of all the energy-saving technologies available, a properly insulated system can provide the best ROI.

Energy conservation with the use of mechanical insulation just makes good business sense. So properly designing, installing, and maintaining an insulation system should be, too.

In many cases, the annual rate of return is more than 100 percent.

Mechanical insulation is not normally at the top of the list of solutions to both conserve energy and save money because it is not considered an exciting topic.

But it is a quick and simple way to do both.

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